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The Valencian Community is the perfect place for your holidays this year

Few places on Earth share with the Valencian Community the array of options available. There is one for each member of the family or friend in a group. You can experience the vibrant nightlife, enjoy the food scene, and dance the night away while the moon sinks in the Mediterranean Sea. All things in Valencia are awe-inspiring, super fun, and make amazing photos and memories. Read on and find out why the Valencian Community should be the next destination in your traveling agenda.

Tourism next to the sea

Do you enjoy trekking? What about scuba diving? Are you into water sports or cycling? Well, there’s no need to choose because in Valencia you can do all of that and then some. Plus, the climate is so welcoming and enjoyable that the only problem is always leaving.

Take advantage of all the adventures the region offers you framed by the most intense blue color: Mediterranean blue.

Natural parks anyone?

Much of the region is preserved by the Spanish government to keep the Valencian Community beautiful all year long every year. Among the variety, you’ll find wetlands, rivers, islands, and small mountains. The sights are the perfect contrast of history, wildlife, and the calm purr of the sea doing its job tirelessly. Moreover, with over twenty protected natural spaces to see, you’ll never get bored in the Valencian Community.

Spanish pueblos at their best

Because Spain carries a long heritage of beautiful history, you can easily spot each era at a glance. You can see Spanish Medieval forts and castles, some of their Moorish beginnings, and even traces to the times of the Roman Empire. It is easy to get lost among the small, stony roads and find peace while you learn and enjoy breathtaking views.

Taking a trip to the past in this region takes only a bit of walking around; Spanish glory days will haunt your senses.

Wildlife waiting for you

Because of the outbreak of COVID 19 and the relative absence of tourism in the first part of the year, flora and fauna are at their all-time best. You’ll notice green, lush vegetation to contrast the dusty roads and the bluest blue that merges with the sky on the horizon. Flora blossomed beyond expectations in the absence of humans and is now a spectacle you can enjoy. There hasn’t been a better time to see nature at its best but now; don’t miss your golden chance!

Outdoor activities and nightlife

Outdoor activities multiply by the hundreds and what is best after a fun, outdoor-intense day, than a good night out to relax? The Valencian Community is home to some of Spain’s best dishes and it is all super fresh, just taken from the water. Also, you can try having a little fun dancing in the streets and sipping a caña (beer glass) with some tapas in different bars as you stroll by. Moreover, the stars will accompany you and the soft Mediterranean breeze will turn every night into a dream.


Because of all these reasons and because there is a lot more to discover, Valencia needs to be your next touristic destination. You will find the best of all worlds there; from wild nature to modern roads, quiet candle-lit restaurants to nightclubs, and everything in between. There has never been a better time to visit the Valencian Community. It is because every precaution is taken to preserve your health and nature is at its all-time best.

Don’t miss the chance of spending a season in this magic place. The only hard thing about it is leaving to go back 

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