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Fiestas and Other Events in Lliber, Alicante, Spain


The town of Lliber has a rich history. Its origins are probably Roman. However, it was also a Muslim settlement in the Middle Ages.

The name Lliber comes from the Latin word praedium Liberii. This estate was supposedly owned by Liberius, a king of Rome. Later on, the castle of Aixa was divided into two manors. During the medieval period, Lliber was a part of the government of Denia.

The town of Lliber was taken by the Moors in 1245. This led to the depopulation of the town. When the Moors were defeated, the population of Lliber was repopulated. Eventually, it gained independence and became a separate town.

Throughout the years, Lliber has changed and evolved into the place it is today. Today, it is home to about 1091 people. In 1609, it had 25 houses. Located on the Costa Blanca, Lliber is one of the most picturesque towns in the region.

Lliber has a history that includes the Romans and the Moors. One of the strongest theories on the origin of the town is that it is based on a Roman villa. There are vestiges of the raisins that once flourished here, and there are other signs of Iberian settlements.

Although it was under Moorish rule for many centuries, it was eventually conquered by King Jaume I in 1256. In the next century, Lliber was one of the most important towns in the province of Alicante. From the beginning of the 15th century until 1444, it was under the lordship of the Martorells. After that, it was purchased by Gonzalo de Hijar. His son, Pedro, later on took over the city.

The present day Lliber is a small town that offers visitors an opportunity to explore the rich history of the area. If you are a history buff, or just someone who enjoys stunning views and great food, this is the place for you. With its ancient streets, old farmhouses, and beautiful landscapes, this is the perfect destination for your next trip.

If you are planning to visit Lliber, consider taking a trip down the Calvario route to get panoramic views of the town.


The nature of Lliber may be best appreciated when on foot. The main street is a hive of activity if the weather permits. In addition to its many facets, it has an enviable array of hotels, a plethora of restaurants and bars and an impressive amount of retail space. There is even a bowling alley to the more discerning taste. A trip to this region is a trip to remember. For the serious adventurers, a little planning is the key to a successful outing. You’ll be glad to have made the right move. This region boasts the largest concentration of castles in Spain. Its most prestigious resident is the castle of the Count de Cabot. Known for its excellent hospitality, it is no wonder the town has been named the best place to live by a leading national magazine.


In the world of gastronomy, Lliber, Alicante, Spain has a lot to offer. It is an excellent destination for local culture and nature. The town is located in the Jalon Valley, half way between Valencia and Alicante airports.

Lliber is a small town that is full of historical landmarks. It is not surprising that it has won acclaim for its many achievements in the area of gastronomy. It has a good selection of eateries, as well as a number of historical buildings.

The town also has a weekly produce market that offers a glimpse of traditional Spanish life. Another good thing to do is to take in some of the best sights the town has to offer. You can easily get to Lliber via N332 and CV748. If you are not in the mood for driving, you can use the bike path to reach the main square.

Some of the city’s more intriguing features include its many monuments and a very impressive zoo. The town is also home to some of the best landscape in the region. As you might imagine, it is also home to rows of muscat vines.

Lliber is also home to the first Gastronomy Fair in the Costa Blanca. This event is hosted on Sunday. To make sure you are not missing out on the fun, you should make sure to plan your trip in advance. After all, it would be a shame to miss out on this one.

While Lliber isn’t known for its golf course, it does have a few interesting stipulations that can be enjoyed during your time off. For example, it has some of the most beautiful scenery in the region, including the surrounding mountains. Also, the town has a number of old farmhouses to savor.

One of the most important things to remember is that you will want to schedule a visit to the town before you leave. Whether you are in search of a romantic getaway or a family vacation, there are a number of accommodation options to choose from. With a little planning, you’ll be able to get the most out of your time in the town.


Fiestas in Lliber are held during the month of August. The celebrations take place in various places and neighbourhoods. Some of the main fiestas are the Moors and Christians Fiesta, the second fiestas week and the tres i sota. Other festivals are also held during August. These include the festival of Marina Alta.

At the beginning of the ‘fiestas’ in Lliber, there is the ‘Entrada de La Murta’, which is accompanied by music. This is followed by a popular meal and the dance. From there, there are various musical concerts and shows. In the evening, there is a big paella in the health centre and a night dance. Another type of Valencian street dance is the Pilota.

At the end of the fiestas, there is a bull running. You can watch this event from any part of the municipality. There are also many fireworks displays. There is an opportunity to view the Sant Cosme i Sant Damia campanario, which is an architecturally interesting building.

If you are not interested in participating in the fiestas, you can always spend the day in the town of Benissa. It is a small town with less than 1000 residents. There are various activities in the town, including markets, art exhibitions, tours, cinema and theatre. They also host music festivals and conferences. The town offers a wide range of services to its visitors, so if you want to relax and enjoy the summer, you should visit Benissa. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to learn about the history of the municipality.

Fiestas in Lliber are a nine-day event. Although there are some fiestas that are organized outside the town, most of them take place inside the town. The main celebrations of the ‘fiestas’ are the Moors and Christians Fiesta, ‘tres i sota’ and ‘Sant Cosme i Sant Damia’. During these three weeks, you can find various music and dance bands, firecrackers, religious procession, horseback processions, fireworks, crowning of the queen of the fiestas and many other things. Besides these, there are several other fiestas that are held in surrounding villages during the month of August.

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