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Benissa´s Ecological Walk; A Wonder In Paradise

Nature is wonderful in creating wonders out of thin air. What if it had a little help from a city´s town hall to create the ultimate walking experience? This is exactly what the design of Benissa´s ecological walk aims to do. Read on and meet one of the must-go spots in the area you should visit this summer. 

Four kilometers and endless wonders

While most people visiting Costa Blanca lose it with the famous beaches, there is way more than meets the eye in the region. If you are lucky enough to have a connoisseur to guide you or read a specialized blog you can find beautiful, less-crowded natural wonders hiding. Benissa´s ecological walk is a great example of this. Although the entire coastline is only four kilometers long, it has some of the most amazing coves in the region.

It is not a hard trail, more like a beautiful one. There are a few recommendations to follow, though. The first is to bring enough sunscreen especially at noon or the early afternoon. Second, bring comfortable shoes because it really is quite a walk with stairways going up and down most of the time. Finally, bring enough water to stay hydrated throughout the path.

You will find many places to rest and some breathtaking views for you to take those pics that make other people jealous. The coves of Benissa´s ecological walk are, easily, among the most beautiful in the world. It might be a little exhausting, but it definitely is beautiful enough to be worth it.

What to do in the south?

The runway divides into south and north. Let´s take a look at what to do in the southern part of it:

  • Les Bassetes Bay – This micro natural reserve features unique flora for you to wonder. Walking down this part of the ecological walk is a feast of your senses. The lush green splendor of the vegetation meets different shades of blue and together make a one-of-a-kind view.
  • Benissa´s Nautical Club – With a wide assortment of activities to offer, those who love water must visit this club.

What to do in the north?

The northern path divides itself into two different destinations as follows:

To Cala de la Lobella

  • La Fustella Beach – The smaller sand grains make it thinner. Mixed with the crystal clear water you will feel you are at the perfect Mediterranean destination you always dreamt about. Here you´ll find a lifeguard and a blue flag
  • Dels Pinets cove – This wild beach surrounded by rocks is a wonder in itself. It leads to Mar Morta I Roques Negres which is geologically very important for the area. 
  • La Lobella cove – If you love to dive in paradise this can be just it. The natural life you can find in the area will marvel your senses like few other diving spots in the world.

To Platgeta de l’Advocat

If you are a sports and outdoor activities lover, you can keep on walking and get to this magnificent beach. It is also made of thin sand and surrounded by all kinds of physical activities. Through it, you´ll reach the end of the walk that is known as Cala del Baladrar (Baladrar cove).


The ecological walk of Benissa is definitely worth it from one end to the other. You´ll encounter in it all the wonders of the Mediterranean landscape right at your fingertips. You can spend an amazing day walking through it or go back to your favorite spots every day. 

Visit Benissa´s ecological walk today and get to see the best part of the Mediterranean Sea while nature hugs you from every side.enissa

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