Terms and conditions


Between the online renter and the landlord OASIS de LUZ

about the rental of a holiday apartment / a holiday tent


(1) The landlord rents to the tenant a defined accommodation (“rental property”):

For the total number of persons including children.

The attached house rules apply.

The rental property is a non-smoking property.

(2) The rental property is fully outfitted and furnished and is rented with the facilities listed in the web page.

(3) The renter is entitled to use the following facilities during the rental period:

Garden, pool, pool lounge, sun lounge, barbecue, washer and dryer (3, – € per wash), parking, etc.

(4) The renter receives door-to-door keys and a remote control to the main portal for the duration of the rental period.


(1) The rental property is rented to the tenant for the period from (day of arrival) to (departure day).

(2) Arrival is on the day of arrival between 16:00 and 24:00. Departure is on the day of departure no later than 12:00.

After the end of the rental period, the tenant has to render the rental property cleared and swept clean in a proper State to the landlord / administrator and hand over the / the keys, as well as the gate remote control to the landlord / administrator.


(1) The rental price corresponds to the information on the web page by person / object and length of stay plus the additional costs (if specified) for bed linen, towels, final cleaning and additional services.

 (2) The amount is to be paid to the specified account as follows: 50% on reservation.

Thebalanceis payable to the same account no later thantwo weeksbefore the rental date. 

The total amount will be due at reservation in case there are less than 14 days between the reservation and arrival.

Asafty-deposit of € 200, –is to be paid at option together with the balance-payment or in cash upon arrival and will be reimbursed after the rental period minus any compensation and paid by bank transfer or in cash.

(3) If the renter is in default of payment by more than 7 days, the renter is entitled to cancel the contract without further notice and rent the property otherwise.


(1) If the tenant cancels (terminates) the contract prior to the start of the rental without naming a new tenant who entered into the contract on the same terms, the following compensations are due (excluding the final cleaning) in case another rental is not possible:


– up to 49 days before arrival: 20% of the rental price

– up to 35 days before arrival: 40% of the rental price

– 21 days before arrival: 60% of the rental price

– 14 days before arrival: 90% of the rental price

– otherwise (later than 14 days before arrival) 100% of the rent.

Nevertheless, the landlord endeavors to rent the property elsewhere.


(2) The renter can prove a lesser damage at any time.

(3) If the renter breaks off the stay prematurely, he remains obliged to pay the full rental price.

(4) A cancellation or termination can only be made in writing. Decisive is the date of receipt of the

cancellation or termination at the landlord.


(1) The rental property including the furniture and the other objects located in it are gentle

to treat. The tenant has to advise the accompanying and / or visiting persons accordingly. The tenant is liable for culpable damage to the rental property, the furniture or other objects in the rental property by persons accompanying him.

 (2) Defects that arise when taking over the rental property and / or during the rental period are to be reported promptly to the landlord in appropriate form.

(3) The keeping of animals in the rental property is not permitted, or only after prior agreement with the landlord.

(4) House rules: The tenant agrees to abide by the house rules.

They are displayed in the rental property and added as annex to this contract.


(1) Changes and additions to this contract must be made in writing. This also applies to the change

of this written form clause.

(2) If any provision of this contract should be ineffective or unenforceable or after conclusion of the contract becomes ineffective or unenforceable, the effectiveness of the contract will not be affected. In place of the invalid or unenforceable provision should that effective and practicable regulation occur, of which the economic objectives effects are as close as possible to those which the contracting parties agreed to with the ineffective or pursued an impracticable provision.

 (3) This contract is governed by the law of Spain.

LLIBER, the (date of the landlord reservation confirmation / invoice)

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