Curiosities of Denia: the secrets of this little paradise

Denia is a highly valued destination for tourism, both domestic and foreign, practically all year round. In the winter months, unlike much of the rest of the country, mild temperatures predominate and, from the arrival of spring to autumn, Denia becomes an ideal destination to enjoy the warmth and clear skies. However, the town, despite […]

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Published on: June 23, 2020  -  Filed under: Holiday rentals Costa Blanca

Restaurant in Denia – Quique Dacosta

Costa Blanca is home to a number of great restaurants. The restaurant in Denia are among the best in town. There are also a number of other Costa Blanca restaurants which have a good reputation. However, despite all the names that may sound familiar to some of the travelers and those who have visited Costa […]

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Published on: April 27, 2020  -  Filed under: Holiday rentals Costa Blanca

A trip to Denia

Denia is a lively town of small bays and sloping, windswept hills. Tourists find it lovely and the wide range of activities here make the place popular with visitors from all over the world. The blue seas and clear blue skies in the summer months make for a great time to spend a day out […]

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Published on: April 16, 2020  -  Filed under: Holiday rentals Costa Blanca

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