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Curiosities of Denia: the secrets of this little paradise

Denia is a highly valued destination for tourism, both domestic and foreign, practically all year round. In the winter months, unlike much of the rest of the country, mild temperatures predominate and, from the arrival of spring to autumn, Denia becomes an ideal destination to enjoy the warmth and clear skies. However, the town, despite being known worldwide as a summer destination, famous for its coves and beaches, also offers some not-so-well-known attractions. Are you ready to discover Denia’s most surprising curiosities? Keep reading and don’t miss them!

The curiosities that this Alicante municipality offers as a destination, despite not being its main attractions, are worth discovering and dedicating at least one post to them. Do you want to know the secrets of this renowned tourist destination? These are some of the most relevant curiosities of Denia:

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Denia, Hollywood scene. The Spanish Levant is more and more in demand as a stage for the making of films or series. However, Denia was already a pioneer in the 1960s, when it was chosen as the location to shoot part of the film ‘Krakatoa, East Java’. At that time the coastal village had to be transformed into an oriental setting. Today you can see one of the canoes used in the film situated in the castle of the village. It is large, about 3 meters, and reminds its citizens that decades ago Denia was a film destination.
Curiosities of Denia

The Playmobil ‘click’. You probably played with the famous Playmobil clicks in your childhood and would like to see a full-size one today – it’s waiting for you in Denia! The next curiosity is in the form of a sculpture and is located in the district of Baix la Mar in Alicante. It was erected in 2008 to pay homage to the 50th anniversary of the shooting of the film ‘El Capitán Jones’. You can find it in the Plaza de San Antonio, in one of the settings that appeared in that film. This ‘click’ represents the protagonist, the Captain, and is designed on a human scale (about two meters high).
Curiosities of Denia

Toy Museum in Denia. After visiting this fun sculpture, you’re sure to bring back memories of your childhood and want to visit one of Denia’s points of interest and one of the funniest curiosities in this city: the Toy Museum. It is located in the old train station, on the first floor. What can you find here? Logically, all kinds of old toys, a whole collection whose origins date back to the beginning of the 20th century: cars, planes, boats, ring sets, bowling, kitchens… You’ll see that wood and metal are the main elements used to create toys in the past, unlike today’s toys, which are always made of plastic. The access to the Museum of the Game of Denia is free and it opens every day in the morning and in the afternoon.
Curiosities of Denia

Denia, the big toy industry. The importance of the toy in Denia goes back a century when Denia was one of the main poles of the industrial production of toys. It all started in 1904 when the first toy factory was created and these were produced from a tin. Over the years, a wooden toy factory was established and during the 1920s it became a symbol of the city. In the middle of the 20th century, wooden toys became even more popular: boats, bicycles, cars…
curiosities of Denia

The Muslim Denia. As in practically all the Levant, the remains of the Muslim era are still visible in Denia. Today you can see a clear example of this, converted into a witness of the past, at the end of the Paseo Saladar, where the wall of the Fortí de Daniya was erected, which flanked the suburb of the medina known as ‘Rabad Amir’. It is now protected from the weather by a fence and a roof. On the other hand, one of the four ravales that existed during the Muslim period, one of the most outstanding areas, was the ‘Raval de la mar’, the current Baix la Mar neighbourhood. A whole series of historical events converted today into curiosities.
curiosities of Denia

Tourist Quality Beaches. Although in the Costa Blanca the merit to well-known beaches is taken by towns like Benidorm, Torrevieja or Javea, Denia is one of the towns of the Levante that concentrates more beaches of Tourist Quality. Therefore, it is a perfect destination to enjoy a holiday bathing in the Mediterranean Sea that can boast excellent waters and bathing areas cared for, clean and well prepared to offer the best services to tourists.

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